Best Trampoline of 2018: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Best Trampoline of 2018 Complete Reviews with Comparisons
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Whether you're looking for fitness or fun, trampolines are a great addition to any home! The best trampoline can deliver years of entertainment for children, keeping them active, outside, and happy.

When it comes to buying trampolines for fitness, you can really increase your cardio workouts with some HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) to give your metabolism the kick it needs.

Trying to find the perfect trampoline for you can seem more difficult than you originally anticipated because of the high number of products available on the market, and each offering a variety of benefits.

This article looks to help you gain a better understanding of what is currently available, what to look for when buying your trampoline, and detailed reviews of some of the more popular trampolines out there.

Best Trampoline Reviews

1. Skywalker 60" Seaside Adventure Trampoline

A fun design combined with padded frames and netted sides makes this a great trampoline where you can bounce the day away without the fear of any injuries.

Product Highlights

Being a child-friendly mini bouncer, this trampoline offers a variety of benefits that will leave parents at ease when their children are bouncing away. Firstly, instead of using metal springs to create adequate tension for bouncing, this trampoline uses 36 elasticated stretch bands. Secondly, not only is the top part netted for increased safety, but the lower enclosure is also netted. That helps to prevent any children or objects making their way underneath.

The bounce mat is also constructed with polypropylene which is woven to create a non-slip surface to reduce the risk of falling. This is also great for when your kids inevitably take juice onto the trampoline as it will combat spillages.

You'll also notice that rather than using the same bland and boring jump mat design as other trampolines, Skywalker has added some fun, sea-themed designs that'll appeal to younger children. The Skywalker 60" Seaside Adventure trampoline also passes all the toy standards set out by the ASTM.

What's to like about the Skywalker 60" Seaside Adventure Trampoline

Skywalker recognizing the importance of safety when it comes to a children's trampoline is a huge positive. They are also aware that children's toys need to be able to cope with heavy and imaginative use. This is why they offer one of the best warranty packages currently available for their class, specifically three-year frame warranty coupled with a one-year parts warranty.

Also, having such a conveniently sized mini bouncer lets you move the trampoline to almost any room. This helps you to keep an eye on the children while you do your chores and they have active fun.

What's not to like about the Skywalker 60" Seaside Adventure Trampoline

While there are a lot of positives for this Skywalker trampoline, such as its safety precautions and child-friendly design, the fact that it is only 60" in size can present its own problems.

You'll get less use out of this trampoline over time as children will outgrow this in a few short years. Likewise, if you have multiple children who want to use the trampoline, it can become rather cramped as well as present new risks.


  • check
    High-level of safety
  • check
    Child-friendly design
  • check
    Extended product warranty


  • Cramped jump space
  • Low weight capacity

2. Zupapa Trampoline

The Zupapa is available in three sizes including 12, 14, and 15 feet models. This makes it a great outdoor trampoline offering a ton of jump space suited for both older and multiple users.

Product Highlights

The new model of the Zupapa Trampoline comes with increased safety measures as it now utilizes a no-gap design with its coverage padding that eliminates the gap between the jump mat and the spring pad. This level of safety raises this trampoline above TUV standards.

Varying with the size of the trampoline you order, the maximum weight capacity ranges from 330 up to 375 pounds. Having these higher capacities, it can cater to a larger range of individuals of different ages, helping you to get more use out of your trampoline over a longer period.

The heavy-duty steel tube frame provides a high level of support and adds extra years' worth of life to your trampoline. Each of these tubes also goes through a hot-dip galvanizing process, making them extremely resistant to adverse weather conditions, resulting in less user maintenance.

Users will also benefit from the entrance ladder as it makes it easier to get on and off the trampoline. The rain cover included will help protect the jump mat from rain and debris.

What's to like about the Zupapa Trampoline

We like that Zupapa has included a fantastic warranty that covers the frame itself for 10 years and two years of warranty for the jump mat, padding, and springs. Zupapa will also provide a replacement for any defective part 100% free of charge. The pad, mat, and net have all had a UV-9 absorber added to their material in order to prevent discoloration and to weaken from the sun, which has extended the trial life to two years.

The total weight of the product varies between 164 and 192 pounds. That is higher than the average weight of trampolines of this class, but this is due to more steel being used in its construction.

That is not only a sign of durability but also reassures users that their trampoline won't be easily blown across the yard in windy conditions. To add more, wind stakes are also provided.

What's not to like about the Zupapa Trampoline

Due to the sheer size of this trampoline, it needs to be packaged in three separate boxes, and the sellers also note that these might not get delivered at the same time, resulting in the buyers having an incomplete trampoline until the rest arrives.


  • check
    108-piece spring set
  • check
    Heavy-duty construction
  • check
    Extended frame warranty
  • check
    Easy to access


  • Staggered delivery
  • Safety net brackets are rather flimsy
  • UV damage is visible in hotter climates in as little as six months.

3. JumpSport 250 Fitness Trampoline

The JumpSport 250 is one of the fitness trampolines to make it onto our list, thanks to some of its fantastic features such as its patented elastic cord system and patented padded covers. This is a tremendous trampoline for those looking for a more fun way to get their cardio done each week.

Product Highlights

Thanks to JumpSports elastic cord system, users will not only benefit from a 40% reduction on impact during exercise but also a deeper bounce for a far superior workout session. The EnduroLast-2 bungees also last twice as long as more common systems, providing a longer lasting trampoline.

Adding to the list of impressive and innovative features, the JumpSport 250 also includes patented no-tip arched legs that provide unmatched stability which is vital for fitness trampolines as well as increasing safety to the user.

The best bit about the construction of this trampoline is that it requires very little time to put together as it arrives almost fully constructed; simply attach the legs, and you're good to go.

Just to reassure customers of the confidence JumpSport have in the quality of construction that their trampolines have, they offer a lifetime warranty for both the frame and the legs, as well as a two-year warranty for the jump mat and the cords.

What's to like about the JumpSport 250 Fitness Trampoline

Again, thanks to the design of the legs, this trampoline has a surprisingly high weight limit, which is 250 pounds. Factoring in this weight limit and the trampoline's bungee cord design, users can benefit from an enhanced bounce cycle of 400K compared to trampolines of the same class offering anywhere between 100K to 300K.

Due to its compact design, this trampoline is also incredibly lightweight, specifically 22 pounds, making it extremely portable. This allows users to easily relocate the trampoline depending on whether or not they want to bounce inside or outside or simply change rooms.

What's not to like about the JumpSport 250 Fitness Trampoline

One feature that this fitness trampoline is lacking is a handlebar as users are required to buy it separately. This can be rather off-putting since if you suffer from more severe muscular or joint pain, you really do need that extra support for safety reasons.


  • check
    High bounce cycle
  • check
    Superior stability
  • check
    Easy assembly
  • check
    Portable and stable


  • No handlebar included
  • Smaller jump space
  • Relatively expensive

4. SereneLife 40" Portable and Foldable Trampoline

The SereneLife 40" trampoline offers a sizeable jump space, safe construction, and fantastic convenience for a very affordable price. Users will also benefit from its included padded handlebar and free shipping.

Product Highlights

The jump mat is made from a heavy-duty polypropylene material making it extremely durable, which allows sustained bouncing. The handlebar also extends from 35" to 46" allowing it to accommodate a variety of heights. It's also extremely easy to assemble with a detailed guide and free tools included.

Buyers of the SereneLife 40" will also benefit from its extreme portability and convenience as its easy folding mechanism allows it to be easily transported around your home, to the gym or even to the office. This also makes it easy to store when not in use, keeping your home clutter-free.

This trampoline follows very conventional construction with its polypropylene jump mat for a long-lasting bounce cycle and coil springs for a reliable and effective bounce.

What's to like about the SereneLife 40" Portable and Foldable Trampoline

The convenience of this trampoline alone makes it a contender for any fitness fanatic looking for a trampoline with that little extra versatility. Weighing only 24 pounds, it's effortless to store away and move around.

Offering fundamental features that buyers would expect from a fitness trampoline at such an affordable price, this is an easy choice when considering the best trampolines currently available on the market.

What's not to like about the SereneLife 40" Portable and Foldable Trampoline

While this offers everything you could really ask for in a fitness trampoline, it does so at an entry level which is echoed by its cost. This makes it great for beginners who are just starting out with exercise trampolines but not so great for the more serious rebounder workouts where users need a trampoline with a greater level of stability.


  • check
    Foldable and portable
  • check
    Extremely affordable
  • check
    Handlebar included
  • check
    Accommodates most height
  • check
    Minor disassembly to fold away


  • Can't handle high-intensity workouts
  • Assembly requires two people

5. KLB Sport 36" Mini Foldable Trampoline

The mini foldable trampoline is great for kids on the go. They can play indoors, in the yard, and you can even take it to the park or grandma's house. This trampoline made it onto our list due to its durability, affordability, and practicality as you'll be hard-pressed to find a trampoline of the same class around the same price.

Product Highlights

Being designed for children, the KLB Sport trampoline offers a variety of safety features to help parents worry less about any possible bounce-related accidents. Firstly, the trampoline comes with a padded handlebar so that children can comfortably support themselves while bouncing.

Users will also notice how this trampoline uses tension bands rather than springs to prevent any nastier injuries. Those bands, as well as the exterior frame, are covered with a padded ring to prevent any legs getting caught.

This trampoline is also extremely durable because of its steel tube construction and polypropylene jump mat. Both of which have been coated, which means that it's also safe to use outdoors as it is weather resistant.

The combination of these two features, aided by the tension bands, allows this trampoline to support a maximum weight of 220 pounds, making it suitable for children of a variety of ages without the concern of the trampoline giving way.

What's to like about the KLB Sport 36" Mini Foldable Trampoline

The convenience of this trampoline is simply fantastic! It's easy to move room to room or is easily packed up in order to take to a friend's or grandparent's house. Despite its folding mechanism, this trampoline is also extremely durable and can put up with heavy use without fear of it breaking.

What's not to like about the KLB Sport 36" Mini Foldable Trampoline

While we like that this trampoline is lightweight, it could become problematic if children are bouncing quite hard as it could easily cause the trampoline to damage the floor or worse, tip and fall over, causing the child to hurt themselves.

Having a handlebar is great as it offers children a great deal more stability; however, the handlebar included with the KLB Sport isn't adjustable, so it can become uncomfortable for children to use or useless after surpassing a certain height.


  • check
    Two-year warranty
  • check
    High weight limit
  • check
    Quality safety precautions
  • check
    Easy to move around


  • Low stability
  • Small gap between bounce surface and ground
  • Small bounce space


When buying a trampoline, there are a few key features that you should keep an eye out for, and these are as follows:

Shapes of Trampolines

A commonly overlooked feature is the shape of the trampoline; however, the shape of a trampoline dictates the amount of jump space available, the bounce, and the amount of space it'll take up in your home.


Round trampolines are easily the most common type of trampoline that you'll find on the market, and this is due to the springs all being an equal distance from the center of the trampoline. This creates an incredibly consistent bounce and will also naturally redirect the jumper to the middle of the trampoline.


Oval trampolines provide a greater jumping space when compared to circle trampolines but still work in a very similar fashion by redirecting the jumper. Due to its shape, the frame is designed slightly differently in order to best absorb impact.


Square trampolines offer the largest jumping space of all, typically 20% extra, as everything up to the corners can be used for bouncing. In order to support their typically larger sizes, square trampoline often use more steel in their construction, making them more durable while also hosting a higher weight limit.


Rectangular trampolines, most commonly seen at gymnastics events, provide the best overall bounce of any trampoline. Due to the shape, the springs all work independently from one another to create evenly controlled takeoffs and landings.

Frame Size

The frame is a significant part of any trampoline, as it offers stability, durability, and adds to the quality of bounce. Not only is it important to take note of the frame material and design but also the size.

The size of the frame is directly