How to Move a Trampoline without Taking It Apart: Helpful Home Hacks

How to Move a Trampoline without Taking It Apart Helpful Home Hacks
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When it comes to figuring out how to move a trampoline without taking it apart, the most important factor to take into account is the size of the trampoline, and this is then swiftly followed by its type.

All trampoline owners have gone through a stage where they've realized they could have set their trampoline up in a more suitable location or they simply need to mow the lawn under the trampoline. 

Whether it's a large outdoor trampoline or an indoor fitness trampoline, we'll help you find a suitable solution.

This article looks to guide you through the best way to move your trampoline around your home or yard without having to disassemble it completely. We'll focus on a variety of factors such as your trampolines spring type, frame construction, and shape as well as size.

Types of Trampoline

Firstly, there are two main variations of trampolines that offer their own unique problems when it comes to moving them without having to take them apart.

  • Large outdoor trampolines: These commonly range between 12 to 18 inches, have large netted sides, and utilize large steel frames which can make them rather difficult to maneuver single-handedly. With these trampolines, even if you're simply moving it around your yard, it's best to have the help of a friend for safety reasons.
  • Indoor mini-fitness or children's trampolines: There are a variety of indoor trampolines that typically range from 36 to 48 inches in size and these can occasionally come netted but can also have arched legs that extend out past the diameter of the trampoline.
Methods to Move Your Trampoline

Methods to Move Your Trampoline

When it comes to moving large outdoor trampolines, you'll want to enlist the help of at least one friend in order to reduce the risk of injury to yourself, and this will also significantly speed up the process.

Short-Distance Moving

If you're looking to simply move the trampoline around your yard, there are a couple of methods that'll likely speed things up.

  • Wheels

Firstly, you can use trampoline-moving wheels. These are fantastic for trampolines with straight legs as they are easily attached to the feet of each leg, and they allow you to easily roll the trampoline around your yard without any strenuous effort on your part. These are a commonly available item but often not considered when it comes to moving a trampoline.

  • Manual

If you don't have enough time to go out and buy these wheels, then you'll want to position yourselves evenly spread around the trampoline; the more people you have to do this, the easier it'll be. Then, make sure to grasp the frame either side of the springs before lifting and slowly walking the trampoline to its new location.

Long-Distance Moving

Now, if you're looking to move the trampoline a greater distance, i.e., to a new home, then there are a couple of options available to you.

  • Trailer

One way to move the trampoline is to rent a trailer large enough to support the total width of the trampoline. You'll then need to raise the trampoline onto its side with the jump mat facing to the right of the left-hand side. The trampoline will need to be strapped down using an appropriate number of ratchet straps, connecting the top of the trampoline to the base of the trailer. While transporting a trampoline in this manner, drive slow and cautiously and try to do so in ideal weather conditions.

Indoor Trampoline
  • Moving Truck

Another way is to rent a large moving truck where the trampoline can be securely fastened to the exterior of the truck. This may require you to remove one or two sets of legs, but the rest of the trampoline can remain intact. The trampoline is then simply placed alongside the truck and securely fastened to the outside.

  • Indoor Trampoline

Indoor trampolines can be more problematic to move than you may have originally anticipated. Firstly, you will most likely have to remove any handrail that is attached to the exterior trampoline frame, and once this is done, you should be able to roll the trampoline on its side through the vast majority of doorways.


Moving a trampoline without taking it apart can be a rather cumbersome and even dangerous task, so we must recommend that whenever possible, you fully disassemble your trampoline before attempting to move it over far distances. Some companies will even undertake this for you to ensure that the trampoline is quickly and correctly reassembled at its new home.

If you really must move the trampoline in one piece, make sure that you have an adequate amount of help as this will allow you to handle the trampoline significantly easier. Also, make sure that the trampoline is securely fastened using appropriate fastening straps. Typically, it's best to use ratchet straps as these allow you to easily tighten the restraint from a comfortable position once it has been correctly placed.

The methods listed above may not be the most creative that you'll find but they certainly offer a greater level of safety when looking for how to move a trampoline without taking it apart.

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