PLENY 38″ Mini Fitness Trampoline Review

PLENY 38 Mini Fitness Trampoline Review
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PLENY 38″ Mini Fitness Trampoline: QUICK OVERVIEW


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What We Like

  • Multi-functional design
  • Large rebounding diameter
  • High maximum weight limit

What We Don't Like

  • Not easily stored
  • Lengthy position switching time
  • Flimsy handrail

Spicing up your fitness routine can take you down many different routes, but one of the most fun and low-impact options is by using a fitness trampoline. Trampolines offer a way to get you into some intense cardio sessions while giving your joints a bit of a break, thanks to the use of springs or tension bands that allow you to bounce up and down.

PLENY have produced a 38″ 2-in-1 fitness trampoline that can offer a range of different workout methods to help get you in shape. Hence, we aim to provide you with a greater understanding of the benefits offered by the PLENY 38″ Mini Fitness Trampoline as well as help you decide whether it is the right trampoline for you or not.

PLENY 38″ Mini Fitness Trampoline Review

PLENY is a Hong Kong-based company that is a leader in designing and manufacturing as well as international selling of a wide variety of health and fitness products. PLENY products are available in a large variety of international stores including Walmart, Argos, and Aldi. Their aim is to deliver quality fitness products that are both reliable and affordable.

The PLENY 38″ Mini Fitness Trampoline is a piece of exercise equipment that is commonly linked to HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). This training requires the trampoline to be able to cope with heavy use for sustained periods of time and thanks to the durable construction of PLENY products, users won’t have a problem reaching their goals.

Who Is This Product For?

This trampoline is for those who are searching for a new fitness trampoline but are also looking for something a little bit different. The PLENY 38″ Mini Fitness Trampoline can be converted from a conventional fitness trampoline into an angled stepper trampoline. That allows for a greater variety in fitness workouts and stops your routine from becoming stale while also working a bunch more muscle groups.

Unlike other fitness trampolines, the PLENY isn’t foldable and will require its own space, so this is really for users who will be wanting to get the most out of their trampoline on a regular basis.

What’s Included?

The package includes one fitness trampoline plus a handrail for increased stability as well as interchangeable legs for switching between flat and angled trampoline orientations.

Overview of Features

The key features of the PLENY 38″ Mini Fitness Trampoline include:

  • Handrail: The handrail is padded for the user’s comfort during those intense workout sessions and is also adjustable to three different height settings, allowing users of varying heights to use the trampoline comfortably.
  • Dual-orientation: This trampoline has the ability to switch between either a flat or angled orientation depending upon the workout.
  • Bounce: High-tension springs are used alongside a tight jump mat to provide a consistent bounce with every step.
  • Stability and Support: A solid, easily assembled frame provides a high-level of stability and support. This is also aided by a more respectable weight of 25 pounds.
  • Weight Capacity: This trampoline can support an incredible maximum weight of 300 pounds. This easily outperforms similar fitness trampolines and is all thanks to its construction and design.
  • Safety: Utilizing a no-gap design, users can worry less about getting their feet trapped in between springs and the mat. This area is also covered with adequate padding for increased comfort.

How to Use

Fitness trampolines are generally quite straightforward, as the real work comes in during the assembly process. Luckily, the PLENY 38″ Mini Fitness Trampoline is very quick to assemble; typically, this takes less than 10 minutes.

Once the trampoline is all set up, it is simply a case of jumping on and starting your workout! If you want to try and use the trampoline in its angled orientation, you will have to remove the handrail and then replace four out of the six legs with their appropriately angled counterparts. This will then allow you to enjoy a different selection of workouts.


When looking to purchase a new fitness trampoline, it is essential to get a feel for other models that are currently available on the market.

If you’re looking for something with a larger jump space, then you might want to consider the OneTwoFit 48″ Trampoline. This trampoline uses bungee cords as opposed to high-tension springs.

The cords don’t generate as much lift but do operate significantly quieter, allowing you to work out in a variety of locations. It also has larger jump space, thanks to the hexagonal shape adopted by this trampoline. That means that the user will also have more freedom to move around.

For the more budget conscious among us, it may be worth looking at the MOVTOTOP Rebounder Trampoline. It offers the fundamentals you’d expect to see on most fitness trampolines, such as conventional springs and an anti-abrasion jump mat, but for a more affordable price. This model doesn’t include a handrail and suffers in its maximum weight limit as it can only support up to 200 pounds.


The PLENY 38″ Mini Fitness Trampoline is a multifunctional piece of workout equipment that delivers on quality as well as durability. This is a fantastic purchase for those who are looking to get a little extra out of their work out for a very reasonable price.

The combination of angled and flat orientation as well as a high maximum layout and included handrail set this trampoline apart from the rest. Overall, this trampoline is a brilliant choice for serious bouncers as well as beginners and casual enthusiasts.